This campaign is about bringing a fresh perspective and new leadership to District 26.  We can ill-afford to keep returning the same politicians to office and expecting different results.

However, I am not just a fresh and new face.  I have been a fierce community activist and advocate fighting for and with the citizens of District 26 and all Prince Georgians for decades.

My platform will focus on six (6) areas:  (1) consumer protection and retirement protection for our seniors; (2) state highway and roadway safety, improvements and beautification; (3) advocacy for local and small businesses for state contracts; (4) full state funding for our public schools and educators; (5) state funding for public safety initiatives; and (6) better healthcare services, including mental health care services, for all and especially our veterans, seniors and caregivers.

As a former member of the Maryland Consumer Council, a citizen advisory group to the Maryland Attorney General, I will continue my strong advocacy for our seniors to prevent them from being victims of consumer fraud.  I will also fight to help seniors keep more of their hard-earned retirement income that is currently taxed to high in Maryland.

As a member of the MD 210 Traffic Safety Steering Committee, I have worked and will continue to work to bring traffic safety improvements to this stretch of highway, including bringing more funding for pedestrian and wheelchair crossing, and for curbing driver speeding and distractions that cause too many fatal accidents on MD 210.  I will also focus on keeping this stretch of highway and all state roads in District 26 clean and well maintained.

As a small business owner in Maryland, I understand the needs of small business to get capital funding and procurement contracts with the state.  I will a champion for small businesses in Annapolis to ensure local and small business obtain their fair share of tax dollars and state contracts.

As a mother, who along side my husband of 25 years, we have successfully raised two children in District 26.  They matriculated in Prince George’s County public schools (K-8).  I was an active PTSA member that fought off Walmart near John Hanson Montessori School and Oxon High School and we got a Top Golf instead. I will fight to bring back Maryland tax dollars for our schools, including state funds for school construction.  I will support our educators in both compensation and autonomy to develop curriculum that best meets their students learning styles.

Finally, as a former member of the Division IV, V and VII Police Citizens Advisory Councils, I played an active road in first getting the southern tier patrolling in District IV, and lobbied with neighbors for the opening of the new Division VII police precinct in Ft. Washington.   I will continue to advocate for full staffing of that station and others in District 26 to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Tamara Davis Brown

A Name You Know, A Voice You Trust