I am running to be your next Senator District 26 to bring transparency to government to ensure that our state government is one of the people, by the people and for the people. Too often, we vote people into office and forget about them, especially those working in the statehouse in Annapolis. I plan to bring the government to you by keeping you apprised of proposed legislation and proposals, and seek your views on the direction the Maryland General Assembly should be taking.

What distinguishes me from other candidates is my proven track record of advocacy and working with our communities over the past decades to improve our quality of life.  I have been “A Name You Know and A Voice You Trust” to explain in layman’s terms what really is being proposed in state and local governments and how those decisions impact you as ordinary citizens.

Additionally, I bring a new and fresh perspective to leadership.  For too long, we have returned the same politicians to office and expect different results. These politicians have grown complacent in their advocacy and have forgotten who placed them in office.  They have become beholden to special interests and not to you, the people.  I promise to be your voice in Annapolis and to bring an analytical view to legislating because I care about your welfare and how the decisions we make can impact you.

My level of service, advocacy and obtaining positive results for our communities in education, public safety, economic development and transportation are unmatched. I will continue to be your voice for what is fair, just and right for District 26 and the entire state of Maryland as your next State Senator.

Please join me in our movement to bring Integrity, Strong Advocacy and Fresh, New Leadership to the State Senate.

I am a Name You Know and a Voice You Trust!!